Artifical Fake Rock Covers - DuraRocksIntroducing the DuraRock™ brand of fake rock covers and enclosures, the most affordable and durable artificial rock products available today for covering pond filters and pumps, irrigation and backflow valves, utility boxes, septic tank lids and other unattractive objects.

Hollow and open at the bottom, beautiful DuraRocks™ landscape accents are manufactured in the USA from a 100% recyclable industrial-grade, high-density polyethylene composite that is 1/4" thick.

Formula Features Real Crushed Stone Surface!Available in a choice of four colors, the DuraRocks™ formula features modern UV inhibitors for maximum protection from the elements. Even better, each fake rock is integrally enhanced with a unique blend of gritty crushed mineral stone for a dramatically more realistic appearance than fake rocks made in the past from smooth fiberglass that shines unnaturally.

Three Quick, Easy Ways To Get The Right Size! There are three ways to quickly learn which DuraRock™ model(s) will adequately conceal your filter, pump, valve, septic lid or other unsightly item.

Use our size chart to see examples of object sizes that each DuraRock™ model can cover successfully, e-mail us or call us. It's that simple! We normally ship within 1-2 business days of getting an order so your fake rock cover will arrive right away to hide that eyesore!

Artifical Fake Rock Covers